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Rewards That Will Strike Out With Your Team

Rewards are essential to The Great Game of Business. So much so that we should begin with its definition: Reward systems recognize staff members who excel in areas, such as customer service, loyalty and sales ability. Organizations implement workplace reward systems to retain employees, increase morale and improve overall service and productivity within the company. […]

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Is your Bonus Program Sabotaging the Health of your Business?

In an effort to motivate and reward employees, companies often mistakenly develop bonus and reward programs that ultimately sabotage the overall health of their business. While rewarding employees is valuable, you must consider the backlash of a poorly-designed incentive plan. In the end, every bonus program should be built on a solid foundation that ensures […]

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8 Awesome MiniGame Ideas Generated by Practitioners

By definition, a MiniGame is a short-term activity designed to correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity in the company. MiniGames are designed to be fun and engaging. Like most games, they should have a goal, a timeframe for play, a scoreboard, and a reward for winning. MiniGames also have a theme that energizes the […]

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10 People you Should Meet at the 2014 Employee Ownership Conference

If your company is currently employee owned, or you are considering it; you’re probably planning to attend the 2014 Employee Ownership Conference held April 8-10, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia which is presented by the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO). This conference is, without a doubt, the place to learn from experts and peers who […]

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Part 5: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

During our journey to share the coolest employee engagement infographics around, we’ve shared research detailing the impact of engaged (and disengaged) employees along with the best-practices for engage employees at all levels of the company. Incentive programs, workplace perks and unique rewards are often seen as best-practice for employers. Check out the infographic below to […]

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