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MiniGames Training

Design incentive programs that motivate performance.

A  MiniGame™ is a short-term activity designed to correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity in the company. MiniGames are designed to be fun and engaging. Like most games, they should have a goal, a timeframe for play, a scoreboard, and a reward for winning. MiniGames also have a theme that energizes the players and propels the game overall.

MiniGames are like mini-incentive plans; they’re a way to motivate employees day to day to make improvements that will add up to year-long success. During this workshop, participants will learn the guidelines for an effective MiniGame and apply that knowledge directly by working in teams to design and build their own MiniGames.

This highly interactive training session will give participants the skill-set and tool-set they need to design and implement effective MiniGames within their organization.

2017 Event Dates & Times

MiniGames® Training – 4-hour training

July 12th – 12 pm-4 pm

November 8th – 12 pm-4 pm

Event Highlights

  • Affect a financial or operational change: Drive results through improved performance.
  • Increase business literacy: Reinforce key components of business success such as goal setting, mutual responsibility and performance management.
  • Build teamwork: Rally employees (players) around a common goal in order to achieve a shared reward.
  • Develop a winning attitude: Create an environment where winners are recognized and rewarded for generating results.

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors or managers who drive incentive progams.
  • Employees at all levels of the organization who often emerge as natural leaders.
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