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The Management Style Every Millennial Should Know

Amy’s Ice Creams’ workforce is made up primarily of millennials, most of which are seasonal employees. It’s important to founder Amy Simmons to engage these employees during their short time with the company in order to make a lasting impact on their futures, as well as the success of the business. Amy’s Ice Creams, a […]

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Part 5: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

During our journey to share the coolest employee engagement infographics around, we’ve shared research detailing the impact of engaged (and disengaged) employees along with the best-practices for engage employees at all levels of the company. Incentive programs, workplace perks and unique rewards are often seen as best-practice for employers. Check out the infographic below to […]

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Part 4: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

Part three of our five-part series of Employee Engagement Infographics detailed the cost of disengaged employees; if learning that $370 billion is lost annually due to disengaged employees wasn’t enough to spur your interest, part four of the series elaborates on “The Importance of Employee Engagement.” Learn how other companies are motivating their staff…and how […]

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Part 3: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

In our first two installments of our five-part Employee Engagement Infographic series, we brought you infographics detailing the importance of happiness in the workplace. Part one taught you what makes employees happy, while part two shared research revealing that happy workers are more productive. This week’s infographic, “Work Engaged, Work Inspired,” explains how engaged workers […]

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The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around: Part 1

What is the most cost-effective incentive that is a proven driving force behind employee engagement? The answer is simple: recognition. Engaging employees is becoming increasingly more important to employers because engaged employees tend to be better workers and stay with a company longer. We’ve collected some great infographics that sum up the current research on […]

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