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The Number One Open-Book Management Culture Killer: Lack of Trust

Co-authored by Mark Banks Do either of these two scenarios sound like your company? The hard-earned time, energy and money that went into creating a culture for performance is starting to fall apart. The new implementation of open-book management isn’t gaining any traction. If either of these sounds familiar, you may be suffering from the number […]

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Four Items to Cover During Your Huddle

Huddles are a hybrid of a typical staff meeting not unlike what you might see during downtime at any athletic event. Their purpose is to share information while also inspiring and motivating the team (again, just like a sporting event!). In The Great Game, a huddle is a structured meeting designed to keep the players […]

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Playing MiniGames

Co-authored by Jack O’Riley A MiniGame is an engaging, short-term activity designed to pursue an opportunity or correct a weakness within a company. Engaging employees through an incentivized program provides an opportunity to develop staff as well as discover their hidden skill-sets. Often times, MiniGames also improve teamwork and employee satisfaction scores. How to Move […]

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How to Get Started Tracking Your Business Metrics

Though he’s referring to baseball, Jim Evans’ stance on tracking metrics can be applied to professional organizations just as they are to professional baseball organizations. Metric tracking is a fundamental process for companies that practice the Great Game of Business. And although it’s an essential part of playing The Game, it isn’t uncommon for companies […]

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Capture the Power of Your Employees Through High-Involvement Planning

Co-authored by Scott Ogeka Without employee engagement, strategic planning can deliver questionable results. This sentiment often exists because companies lack a simplified process and a buy-in from informed employees. High-Involvement Planning is a key element of open-book management at SRC, West Paw Design and many other companies. This process does not require an outside strategic planning […]

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The Arithmetic of Ownership Transition Planning

For owners of closely held businesses, planning for the ultimate transition of ownership is critical to the long-term health and profitability of the organization. Assessing your company’s internal infrastructure and management team is one of the most important components of the planning process. In fact, so is assessing the subsequent necessary additions or adjustments. The […]

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