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Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Ozarks receives Gold Standard Award

Each year, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America selects 16 of their more than 300 agencies to be recognized with the Gold Standard Award. The award recognizes chapters of the organizations that are doing extraordinary things in their communities. For the first time in its 33 year history, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Ozarks was

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03-30-16 Author Kate Allt Publisher KY3 News

Moody’s Investors Service Upgrades Greene County’s Issuer Rating

Moody’s Investors Service has upgraded Greene County, MO’s Issuer rating to Aa2 from Aa3.  “We are pleased to receive a ratings upgrade from Moody’s.  Credit for the county’s improved financial performance goes to our employees and their support of open book management.” said Greene County Auditor Cindy Stein.

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01-22-16 Author Cindy Stein Publisher Greene County

Fresno First Bank Parent Reports Record ’15 Income

Communities First Financial Corp., parent company of Fresno First Bank, reported record earnings of $2.54 million last year. “Our growth this past year was outstanding and profits exceeded all previous levels,” said Steve Miller, who became president and CEO of Communities First in October 2015.

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01-19-16 Author Business Journal Staff Publisher The Business Journal

A Farm Without Financial Secrets Could Be More Profitable

Imagine your neighbors know exactly how much you made (or lost) last year, down to the penny. Sound like a nightmare? It could be a dream, according to several businesses converting to Open Book Management (OBM), a system that engages employees in high-level decision-making without handing over the reins or ownership.

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12-03-15 Author Lucas Sjostrom Publisher Dairy Herd Management

How to Help Your Company Earn Back Valuable Time

Often companies get bogged down with day-to-day tasks and meetings that don’t always produce the expected results. However, to be the most successful, companies need to evaluate and adjust internal culture to have the most effective processes and communication in place.

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11-25-15 Author Michael Cohen Publisher iMedia Connection

Opinion: Strategy Leads Critical Number Growth

The staff of Springfield Business Journal decided to adopt Jack Stack’s version of open-book management six years ago when we started playing The Great Game of Business. Circulation began to grow – and grow some more.

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11-23-15 Author Jennifer Jackson Publisher Springfield Business Journal

Why The POTUS Loves New Belgium Brewing

What really captured the attention of the audience, and the president, was when Jenny Briggs highlighted how New Belgium relies on open-book management, which is the practice of building business and financial literacy among everyone inside a business.

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10-27-15 Author Darren Dahl Publisher Forbes

Restaurants Find Empowering Workers Leads to Profits

Dubbed “open-book” management — so named because it opens the financial books to the entire staff — it might sound like yet another self-help fad of the business kind. But it’s hard to argue with its early success: The first restaurant that experimented with this system realized exceptional results.  

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10-15-15 Author Dan Adams Publisher The Boston Globe

Jack Stack to Lecture on Open-Book Management

He has been called the “smartest strategist in America” by “INC Magazine.” Meet strategist Jack Stack on Tuesday, Oct. 13 as part of the McKinnon Distinguished CEO Lecture Series presented by the Anderson School of Management.

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09-20-15 Author Leslie Venzuela Publisher The University of New Mexico

Small or Larger, Companies Can Win The Great Game

You don’t really play The Great Game of Business. But if you accept its open-book management concepts — that employees should know and understand company financials and related information, and be encouraged to suggest ways to improve results — chances are you’ll win the game.

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08-31-15 Author Jim Kendall Publisher The Daily Herald

Southern on Path to Brighter Tomorrow

The university is working in partnership with the Springfield-based Great Game of Business to develop and implement an “open book management” model for use across campus. Called the Great Game of Education, the program will help Missouri Southern employees interpret all of our financial data and understand how their individual roles impact these critical numbers.

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08-28-15 Author Alan Marble, University President Publisher The Chart

Should you be using open-book management?

According to Gallup, employee engagement is hovering at 13% globally – perhaps this is one of the drivers behind the growing popularity of open-book management (OBM) in popularity in recent years.  One company to have adopted this approach more recently is O’Connells OBM, a Brisbane based accounting practice.

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06-10-15 Author Chloe Taylor Publisher HC Online

Strategies for Achieving Small Business Goals by Motivating Employees

Gallup’s most recent study of the American workplace found that 70 percent of employees surveyed between 2010 and 2012 were disengaged on the job, resulting in an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity. Here’s how some clever small business owners are using The Great Game of Business to overcome that challenge and

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04-17-15 Author Tim Beyers Publisher SPARK Business IQ

At Zingerman’s, Pastrami and Partnership to Go

Learn how open-book management drives the business & culture at Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. It was a typical Wednesday morning at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, a restaurant in Ann Arbor, Mich., that offers nine varieties of macaroni and cheese and smokes its own hogs for pulled pork. But on this particular morning, in a colorful back dining

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07-05-14 Author Jennifer Conlin Publisher The New York Times

Going Public with Open Book Management

The last time we counted, we found that more than a million people have been touched by open-book management through the SRC family. While that’s an impressive number, it’s far short of, say, the 300 million people living in the United States. One way that we could bump up the number would be to get

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11-08-10 Author Jack Stack Publisher The New York Times

How Small Businesses Can Use Principles from “The Great Game of Business”

Small business owners should consider adopting an open-book approach with their employees. By being upfront and honest with employees, educating them, and then allowing them to share in the success of the business, owners are able to get more buy in from employees – which tends to have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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11-15-10 Author Elizabeth Blackwell Publisher NuWire Investors

Why Your Business Should be an Open Book

Most small-business owners have an open-door policy. When you’ve only got a few employees, holing up alone in an executive suite isn’t an option. But being truly open about the state of the business is another matter, and when it comes to sensitive financial information — such as how much your company made (or lost)

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11-11-10 Author Elizabeth Blackwell Publisher The Street

So Why Aren’t You Opening Your Books, Jay?

I think it’s fair to say that most business owners think that open-book management makes sense for their business — at least at some level. Sure, there will always be skeptics, but it’s tough to argue with the 30 years of results that we’ve seen at SRC. At the risk of repeating myself, I believe

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11-18-10 Author Jack Stack Publisher The New York Times

Get Workers to Track Numbers that Drive Growth

With open-book management, you enable employees to think like CEOs. Educate them about key numbers that drive bottom-line results and they’ll take more ownership of their work. But which key numbers matter most? Business owners typically review reams of data every week. They may wonder which numbers to focus on.

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01-21-11 Author Morey Stettner Publisher

Everyone’s a CFO

When Andrew Levine opened his PR firm’s books, employees seemed bored. So he asked them to make the financial presentations instead.

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09-01-05 Author Nadine Heintz Publisher Inc. Magazine

Stake in Outcome Inspires Wokers

Jack Stack is an open book – or at least, his management style is. In 1983, Stack led 118 co-workers in an employee buyout of Springfield Remanufacturing Corp. from its parent company, International Harvester. SRC stock was worth 10 cents per share at the time. Now, with 840 SRC Holdings Corp. shareholders, the stock is

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07-18-05 Author Jill Henry Publisher Springfield Business Journal

The Turnaround

How a dying division of International Harvester became one of America’s most competitive small companies.

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08-01-86 Author Patricia Amend Publisher Inc. Magazine

Embrace Open-Book Management Style

Open book management is not a new concept, but most businesses executives are still hesitant to embrace it. That trend is changing, however, starting with top performing companies. 83 percent of the 2010 Top Small Company Workplaces honored by Inc. Magazine open their books to employees. Many have been inspired to do so by the

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04-08-11 Author Kent Wilson Publisher Colorado Business Journal

Winning the Game

Stack has developed an innovative style of business management, and since founding SRC Holdings Corp. in 1983, he’s also built up 22 different subsidiaries that employ 1,200 people and generate combined annual revenue of $230 million.

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04-09-06 Author Christopher Tritto Publisher St. Louis Busines Journal

Editor’s letter: The House that Jack Built

This month, with everyone’s mind on the recession and a lot of company owners (and employees) concerned about the future, we decided to find out how Jack has managed to avoid layoffs at his company even in the worst of times.

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05-01-09 Author Jane Berentson Publisher Inc. Magazine

Open-Book Management Can be Effective in a Small Business

QUESTION: What is open-book management and what advantages would it have in my business? ANSWER: Open-book management is a new name for a practice that has been around for a long time. The idea is for a business to shares its operational and financial results with employees with the expectation that employees might be more

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07-13-09 Author Ralph Coker Publisher

An Open Book

When companies share their financial data with employees, the results can be dramatic. The installation technicians at Pool Covers Inc. could literally see the writing on the wall. At the company’s monthly meeting in September, employees reviewed financials together, projecting the numbers on the wall.

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02-23-09 Author Laura Lorber Publisher Wall Street Journal

5 Unexpected Benefits of Opening your Books

In the early 1980’s , when Jack Stack led a management buyout of his Springfield, Missouri, factory, he faced steep odds: the economy was in the tank, profits were uncertain, and the 116-employee engine remanufacturer had 89 times more debt than equity.

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10-12-13 Author Burt Helm Publisher Inc. Magazine

Revisiting ‘Open Book’ Management

Jack Stack wrote “The Great Game of Business” 22 years ago. Probably the most revolutionary concept of the book was the idea that if a company’s management shares the historically secret financial data with all employees, those employees would make better decisions and the organization would thrive far better.

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05-02-14 Author Stan Sewitch Publisher San Diego Source

We Spent What on Paper Clips?

Some owners or managers might be reluctant to share numbers with employees. One concern is that workers might leak information to competitors. But if employees have been sufficiently motivated by equity stakes or bonuses that are entwined with company performance, the last thing they’ll want to do is harm the company by aiding a rival.

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05-16-14 Author Seth Stevenson Publisher Slate Magazine

Great Game “Rookie of the Year” Recognized Locally for Open-Book Practices

After 15 months of weekly meetings, employees on the first shift in Paul Mueller’s component products unit expect craftsman Gail Boyd to ask the pivotal question. Supervisor Nick Bricker writes the latest number on the “scoreboard” — a balance sheet that takes up an entire wall in the conference room. “Our labor variance jumped up

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10-21-13 Author Thomas Gounley Publisher Springfield Newsleader

Being the Boss

Company CEO tells why he hates the traditional relationship between workers and bosses, and explains his solution.  How Jack Stack’s approach to business lets him avoid the problems of the traditional manager Here’s the plot: A middle manager at one of America’s worst-run companies is sent on a mission to shut down an ailing plant

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10-01-89 Author Bo Burlingham Publisher Inc. Magazine
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