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10 Easy Ways to Express Appreciation to Almost Anyone

Individuals in the workplace need to feel appreciated in order to enjoy their job, do their best work, have positive work relationships and stay with their organization long-term. The key ingredient in meaningful, significant, effective appreciation is individualization—expressing appreciation in the recipient’s preferred “language”. Varying the ways you communicate appreciation will improve your chances of […]

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Developing a Business Culture of Continuous Improvement

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, companies are always looking for ways to stay ahead and build a business culture that doesn’t lag behind. Continuous improvement programs that involve tapping ideas from employees at all levels, holding each other accountable, and rewarding success through smart gainsharing programs are key for some leading U.S. firms. Here […]

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7 Reasons Organizational Knowledge Is Power

Historically, businesses using traditional management styles have been reluctant to give all of their employees the knowledge they need in order to make good business decisions day in and day out as they do their jobs. Open-book management takes a much different approach. It’s all about capturing and sharing both financial and organizational knowledge with […]

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Rewards That Will Strike Out With Your Team

Rewards are essential to The Great Game of Business. So much so that we should begin with its definition: Reward systems recognize staff members who excel in areas, such as customer service, loyalty and sales ability. Organizations implement workplace reward systems to retain employees, increase morale and improve overall service and productivity within the company. […]

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Small Giants Summit | September 20-23, 2015

While you’re still basking in the afterglow of the Gathering of Games, we wanted to share with you an additional opportunity to build relationships with some great leaders who have a deep commitment to values and collaboration from our friends at the Small Giants Community. (A number of whom are Great Game of Business practitioners.) […]

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Preparing Your Business for Engaged Employees at All Levels From Front-Line to Director

Think back to when you first opened your business or launched your company. All your hopes and dreams centered on having happy, returning, high-spending customers, right? Your first few customers offered you a great chance to learn how to interact with them to create a great customer experience. As your business grew, so did the […]

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4 Best Practices for Employee Engagement

Do a quick Google search for the term “employee engagement.” Do you notice anything about the results? On the first several pages, you should see at least one article from every major business magazine, news entity and publication. You should also find endless organizations that provide professional engagement surveys, infographics and reports touting the “amazing” […]

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Catering Company Survives Tough Times by Teaching Employees to Think Like Owners

Tasty Catering began as a fast-food hot dog stand called Tasty Dawg more than 25 years ago. Founded by a trio of entrepreneurial brothers, Tom, Larry and Kevin Walter, the company, which is based in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, now serves up tasty treats at weddings, corporate meetings and conferences, social events, […]

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