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Tips for Forecasting Cash Flow

Forecasting cash flow is the key to the survival of many organizations, yet it’s a non-existent process in others. The organizations with abundant cash see little value in taking the time to put a system in place to do this. Other organizations that operate with little or no cash see forecasting cash flow as a critical […]

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How Often Should Your Team Huddle?

How often should your team huddle? Companies often ask this question as they begin to play The Great Game of Business. There is a tremendous F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) that these huddles will be “too time consuming” or “just another meeting.” The truth is that huddles, when done well, will actually save you time […]

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Business Action Guide Series…In Action!

According to Gallup and other workplace surveys, only about 18 percent of managers are effective in engaging their employees. Since it is well established that companies with highly engaged workforces perform far better than their competitors, this is a crucial issue for businesses to address. In an era when the prospect of a good job […]

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Great Game Huddle Dos and Don’ts

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you’re maximizing your huddle time? Do you ever second-guess your huddles, thinking they could be better? Overall, if you’re getting what you need to get out of your huddles, then you’re probably doing a good (enough) job. But sometimes it takes more than “good enough” to have great […]

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Numbers Are Universal, Not an Excuse!

Co-authored by Eugene Rios The most commonly asked questions we get with The Great Game from non-practicing organizations are these: What if the competition gets a hold of our numbers? I don’t want the employees to know how much profit (or loss) the company generates. How can we play The Game when we have multiple […]

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The Rockstar Company Valuation: What to Understand Before Selling Your Business

If you’re considering selling or transitioning out of your company, you’ve certainly worried about the future of your organization. One of the most stressful parts of selling your company is the valuation – the process that puts a dollar-value on all of your hard work. Here are the three levels of valuation you should understand […]

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