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Articles by: Dave Scholten

Rewards That Will Strike Out With Your Team

Rewards are essential to The Great Game of Business. So much so that we should begin with its definition: Reward systems recognize staff members who excel in areas, such as customer service, loyalty and sales ability. Organizations implement workplace reward systems to retain employees, increase morale and improve overall service and productivity within the company. […]

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What Does Cash Flow Mean to Employees?

When the company does well, our professional lives go forward, but when the company doesn’t do well, eventually, it will impact the employees. The most common employee response to a company failure is “we never saw this coming!” Over the last 10-20 years, we have watched large, successful U.S. companies enter into failure mode. It […]

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Preparing Your Business for Engaged Employees at All Levels From Front-Line to Director

Think back to when you first opened your business or launched your company. All your hopes and dreams centered on having happy, returning, high-spending customers, right? Your first few customers offered you a great chance to learn how to interact with them to create a great customer experience. As your business grew, so did the […]

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