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Articles by: Bill Collier

How to Get Started Tracking Your Business Metrics

Though he’s referring to baseball, Jim Evans’ stance on tracking metrics can be applied to professional organizations just as they are to professional baseball organizations. Metric tracking is a fundamental process for companies that practice the Great Game of Business. And although it’s an essential part of playing The Game, it isn’t uncommon for companies […]

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Value…Not Price

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” ― Confucius About ten years ago in my past life – as CEO of a medical equipment company which I have since sold – we were exhibiting at a trade show. An attendee walked by,  checking out our booth. As I started to introduce myself, […]

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Curb Your Enthusiasm by Bill Collier

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” – Stephen King We all have people we trust. And they trust us in return. In some cases, that trust has been earned via confidences kept and commitments achieved. In others, it’s possible that the mutual trust is there because … well, just because. […]

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Your Most Important Document by Bill Collier

In a previous column titled Great Expectations, I urged business owners to have realistic expectations for their employees. (Read it at Search for “collier expectations.”) Now let’s build on that message:  Define your expectations. In my role as a business coach, most of the issues I hear about are related to employees. And more […]

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Be a Sleuth. Find the Waste. by Bill Collier

Be a Sleuth. Find the Waste. Reducing expenses. That has become a business mantra during this prolonged economic malaise. Most small businesses have tightened their belts, scouring every line on the income statement. Switching suppliers or brands. Buying less. Toeing the mark on salaries. Delaying hiring. Reducing headcount. Buying used instead of new. Less travel. […]

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Transparency and Leadership: Avoid Emily Litella Syndrome by Bill Collier

Emily Litella, in one of her typical on-air rants: “What’s this I hear about computer parking lots? We’re in a recession, people are losing their jobs, and now we have parking lots for computers! It’s an outrageous waste of land and money!” Jane Curtin, with her typical disdain for Emily: “It’s commuter parking lots.” Emily: “Oh … Never mind.” A […]

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What’s Your Number? by Bill Collier

          “What gets measured gets managed.”  It’s hard to argue with that piece of wisdom. That said, here’s another old saw to consider:           “If everything is important, then nothing is important.” Between these two valuable quotes is a balance and a guideline for business owners. All […]

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Do A Leadership Checkup by Bill Collier

Leadership. What the heck is leadership anyway? And why should a small business owner care? Some folks use the word “leadership” as a synonym for influence. Let’s expand that definition to include a couple of other important activities: Influence Setting the example Removing obstacles for your people This is not an all-encompassing definition of leadership. […]

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