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The Story of Open-Book Management

Open-book management (OBM) has two critical elements:
1. Sharing business information (open-book) and
2. Developing a process that enables everyone to use the information to improve the company.

See for yourself, as MSNBC highlights the way OBM has impacted one DC design firm over the last 7 years.

Gamer's Successes

Bold Moves: Annual Gathering of Games Conference

September 7-9, 2016

Join us as the open-book community comes together from around the world to learn, share and celebrate the principles and practices of The Great Game of Business and open-book management.

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The SRC Experience

November 15-16, 2016

If you have read the book The Great Game of Business, you’re probably asking yourself, “Is The Game for real? Can it really produce rapid financial results and lasting cultural change?”

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Get in the Game Workshop

November 17-18, 2016

The Get in the Game Workshop will amplify your ability to successfully implement and sustain The Great Game of Business and open-book management in your company.

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Methodology Seminar Bundle

November 15-18, 2016

Save time and travel by attending two workshops in one trip. Learn the basics of Great Game methodology and dive directly in to the process for implementing The Game in your organization.

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Discover the trick to transparency.

Open-book management is not just sharing numbers.

Opening your books is just the beginning; The Great Game of Business system provides a process guaranteed to make OBM sustainable in your organization. We do it by educating, engaging and empowering employees to create a level of alignment your competition can't touch.

Learn the Process
Discover the trick  to transparency.
The book that started a business revolution

The book that started a business revolution

We wrote the book on open-book management and pioneered transparency and gamification in business.

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Business buzzwords come and go.

So do the consultants who teach them.

With over 30 years of experience, we provide the tools and training you need to achieve rapid financial results and lasting cultural change in your business.

Discover the Origin of Open-Book Management
Business buzzwords come and go.

Join the 6,000+ companies who have transformed their business by playing The Game.

See the Results Get Started

The whole concept of the Great Game of Business is beautiful - consistency, alignment, and transparency, infused with core values and brought to life with powerful mechanisms. It is inspired and inspiring, a classic.

Jim Collins

Bestselling Author of GOOD TO GREAT

The Great Game of Business is one of the top 10 most important business books for all growth-minded company leaders to read. Jack’s book details how to get everyone in your company focused...then watch profits and cash soar.

Verne Harnish


Our Clients Say

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The Great Game of Business changes lives and how things get done - it works - in life and at work.

Debbie Schroeder

American Electric Power

If anyone had doubts about the power of open-book management and the impact of The Great Game of Business has had on our company, they should just take a look at the results. We accomplished a turnaround while navigating the most difficult commodity markets in the history of the company.

Michael Kiolbassa

Kiolbassa Provision Company, Inc.

If value is the most important to you, this is the only methodology that gets you there.

Randy Haran

Texas Air Composites

[The SRC Experience & Get in The Game Workshop is] the most well-run, diverse, interesting and stimulating 4-day workshop I've ever attended. The program is presented by enthusiastic, well-educated people with a lot of obvious advance preparation.

Carol Betz

Heritage Aviation

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